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Innovative dental technologies to ensure your comfort and a successful treatment outcome.

Digital Radiography:

90% less radiation exposure than low dose conventional dental x-ray machines. Images are stored and electronically sent to your referring dentist.

Operating Microscope:

Improved visualization is achieved using an overhead microscope capable of high magnification and increased field illumination. Microsurgical instruments allow preciseness which yields less surgical trauma.

Apex Locator:

This device helps precisely locate the root end to insure complete cleansing of the canal system. These lengths are recorded and sometime verified with x-ray images.

Video Camera:

An intraoral camera within the operating microscope is capable of recording visual images for diagnostic and explanation purposes. This is sometimes a great aid in communication with your referring dentist.


Ultrasonic vibrating instruments are used to help prepare the internal canal system along with root end preparation during surgical procedures. This results in enhanced and conservative instrumentation of the root surfaces. The device can also aid in the removal of posts and separated instruments from previous procedures.