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Injuries can range from a single tooth, to a fracture of the jaw bone.

Every trauma case is different, and must be properly diagnosed. It is usually extremely important that the injury be evaluated soon. Traumatic injuries to the mouth and teeth are very common. Injuries may affect the crown, or visible portion of the tooth, but also the pulp and surrounding tissues. The symptoms may be immediate or may show up even years after the incident.

Fractures of the tooth can usually be repaired, and the pulp tissue treated or removed through endodontic therapy. Avulsed teeth can be replanted and a root canal performed with great success if treatment is performed soon after the accident. Quite often the tooth will need to be stabilized temporarily while the socket heals.

Following trauma, a tooth may appear normal, feel loose, look displaced slightly, or have a visible fracture or missing fragment. Symptoms of tooth injury often include tenderness to touch or thermal sensitivity.